Mission Israel

“Often, prayer is considered as the last resort for nation building! Very few realise that the Almighty God holds the key to the blessing of every nation, its leaders, policies and strategic plans for citizens’ well-being and prosperity, both in the long-term and in the short-term. That is why Jesus Calls Ministries continuously engages with the leadership of nations and states —just in order to pray that God’s Plan of Grace, Reconciliation and Holistic Prosperity will be accomplished in every corner of this world. We have also built a house of prayer(Israel Prayer Tower) in the heart of Jerusalem to bring God’s blessings upon Israel and every other nation.”

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
Chairman, Jesus Calls


Israel Prayer Tower

Israel is spiritually, politically, geographically and historically an important nation. Every country from the neighbouring Palestine to the United States claim a stake in it, either as a foe or friend. Above all, this is the country in which the Son of God—the Lord Jesus Christ—was born, died and resurrected 2000 years ago.

Scientifically considered as a pioneering country which has produced intellectuals of the highest order of Albert Einstein, Israel has much to be proud of, as well as much to be concerned about, in terms of its peace and security. All said and done, Israel is God’s beloved nation!

Jesus Calls Ministries, which continues to spread its wings of compassion and prayer worldwide under the anointed leadership of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran has established a Prayer Tower in Jerusalem. Here are some insights about the vision and mission of the Israel Prayer Tower, and how it continues to be a symbol of hope, peace and compassion to Israel and the rest of the world.


    The Israel Prayer Tower serves as a center of hope and peace and welcomes people from all over the world. About this, the founder, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran says: “We have established a Prayer Tower in the centre of Jerusalem to pray 24 hours, prophesying God’s Plan to Kings, Nations, and Peoples of all languages. Yes, God has a plan as to who should rule each nation, and what policies should come to that nation, and how the gospel should reach everyone in that nation to prepare it for His Coming. According to Revelation 10: 7,11, the Lord showed me to establish a Prayer Tower in Israel so that people can come from different nations of the world and pray in Jerusalem; pray and prophecy God’s Plan for the nations of the world, and peace will come to Jerusalem. The peace and righteousness shall go around the world as we pray in the Israel Prayer Tower.”

    Praying in the surroundings where Jesus prayed is indeed a unique spiritual experience. In the Israel Prayer Tower, we have places to pray overlooking the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion and the Hill of Calvary, among other places of Biblical significance. They are visible from the 20th floor of the City Tower in the centre of Jerusalem on Ben Yehuda Street where the Israel Prayer Tower is located. It also overlooks the Parliament of Israel and enables one to offer prayers for the governance of Israel. The two sides of the Prayer Tower from that height offers a 360o view of Old and New Jerusalem and the mountains surrounding Jerusalem. 3.

    God has a master plan for every nation on the face of this Earth. That is why, the Lord Jesus taught us to pray “Let thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”. According to Amos 3:7, GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants. The ministry of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran stands as a true testimony for this promise, even as God the Holy Spirit prophetically reveals His Plan for the nations every year. Round the clock, people pray and prophecy God’s Plan for Israel and the nations of the world, and pray that the plan of God should come to pass.

    Along with this prayer, we train people to receive this grace [of prophetic anointing] by humbling, emptying and sanctifying themselves and entering into the presence of God, but longing to listen to His voice and cry for the nations, peoples and kings with great compassion—the same compassion that Jesus had. This training program is bringing people from all over the world. We also encourage and equip people to go back to their countries with the prophetic grace and continue this prayer and bring blessings to their nation as per God’s Plan.

    Finally, we invite all congregations in Israel those who pray, from all languages and nationalities to pray in their languages. We have diverse groups from Korea, China, Brazil, India, Russia, USA and Europe for example, who pray here taking time. We offer the place free for anyone who want to pray in groups. Yes, the Israel Prayer Tower is truly a house of prayer for all nations. We also offer place to stay for the visitors on a need-basis. Ultimately, people who visit the Israel Prayer Tower go back with a prophetic anointing and bring blessings to their nation.