Our Mission

  1. To proclaim the love of the Lord Jesus Christ through all media as well as at public Prayer Festivals in all nations, and pray for all people corporately
  2. To establish Prayer Centers in each city and region to have Prayer Intercessors in each one of them all the 24 hours year round to receive prayer requests through phone calls as well as in person and through mail and to comfort and pray for them immediately
  3. To establish an open Prayer platform over the internet to have people post their requests for prayer and providing for anyone from any part of the world desiring to pray for others to pray for them
  4. To train and raise Prayer Ambassadors who would visit, witness and pray for each person in their area needing prayer in each area of the nation
  5. To provide a platform through the social media, media libraries and publications for the above to encourage, train, share testimonies, to support, to provide wholesome spiritual enlightenment and grace
  6. To engage the youth and families through seminars, outreach missions in person and through media
  7. To pray for the nations, peoples, kings and languages all the 24 hours from the seats of power of the nations with revelation about God’s plan for them to bring His Will on earth as in Heaven
  8. To establish support for poor children providing education, clothes, support for higher education, to orphaned poor widows for rehabilitation, to provide support to the physically disadvantaged, homeless, sick, addicted who are away from help