Vaccine for Suffering

Vaccine for Suffering

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

“I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God.” (Isaiah 61:10)

My precious friends, I would like to remind you about the beautiful prayer that Mary, the mother of Jesus prayed when she was at the crossroads of her life.   The angel of God appeared to her and said “God needs your womb to have Him be born as a child.” It was a fearful thing for her because at that time if somebody becomes pregnant being a virgin, the whole city would gather together and stone that person to death, without any chance of explanations or questions asked.

Mary was at the crossroads when an angel came to ask her a question and also waited to get an answer from her immediately. There was no time for her to think about it as she had to answer him immediately. When the angel of God asked Mary if she would obey God’s word at the cost of her life, she said “I trust you Lord; you will not let me get killed but you will give me life when I am obedient; when I follow your instructions.” She also confessed that she is the handmaiden of the Lord rather than pondering on thoughts like what her relatives and society may think of her. Her trust in the Lord was too strong that she did not worry about her family or relatives, who would shun her, disown her and cast her out. She was nether worried of her city that would rise up to kill her. Her eyes were fixed firmly on the living God, who is the giver of life and the one who protects her. She trusted in the Lord and thus she said “Yes” to God, instantaneously.


What blessing did Mary receive as she put her trust in the Lord?  We read in Luke 1: 47-49 that Mary rejoices in God our Savior and she had the assurance that she will be called ‘blessed’ by all generations. Did you realise what ‘great faith’ can do to lives? Faith in Jesus Christ brings great joy in us.   When you give your body, mind and soul to the Lord, for Him to do His will through you; sacrificing all the pleasures of the world, God will make you a blessed individual. The first thing that happened to Mary was, her husband accepted her. Her relative, Elizabeth did not spite her but honoured her saying “you are the mother of our Lord.” An angel protected her and her baby. The wise men came and gave her valuables to take care of the child. All these provisions will come to you! Today, as you have trusted in God and given your life to Jesus every provision will come to you. As you have trusted Him you will be called ‘blessed’ in this world. “I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God.” (Isaiah 61:10) Enter into this month with great joy.

Father, we submit ourselves into Your will. Lead us according to Your will. Help us to rejoice only in fulfilling Your will and have the joy in saying “I am doing God’s will.” Help us never to fear the world. Give us grace. Let everyone who is praying this prayer be filled by Your grace in this month and let them be called “the blessed one”. Give them great results and great blessings. Thank You for this blessing. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.