It is God who looks after you – Stella Ramola

It is a pleasure to greet you today, my dear friend. We are meditating on Hosea 14:8, which says, “It is I who answer and look after you.”

In our lives, we often credit our successes to our hard work. When we achieve something, we tend to say, “It’s all because of my hard work.” Whether it’s buying a brand-new car, earning high marks or a promotion in a job, winning a court case, paying off debt, or seeing our loved ones succeed, we often forget to acknowledge the One who blessed us with these achievements. We may even credit someone else, like a friend or an employee, forgetting that it was God who was with us through our struggles and answered our prayers when we were at our lowest. So, my dear friend, it is always important for us to acknowledge and remember that God is the One who was with us even when we were crying in our hopeless situations. When we were down and crying out, all alone, to Him for help, He was the One who answered us and gave us blessings. Therefore, remember the Lord and His goodness. He is the One who has answered you and looked after you. So, even in your times of victory and joy, never forget to give Him all the glory.

My grandmother received the anointing of the Holy Spirit many years ago on this very day. On that day, she had been busy with housework and taking care of her children all day long, and she had not found any time to pray. However, she expressed her desire to pray to my grandfather, who had just returned from work. She asked him to take care of the children for ten minutes while she went to pray. She went to her room and began to pray. Suddenly, my grandfather heard a loud noise and went to check on her, only to find an angel standing beside her. The angel instructed him to lay his hands on her so that she could be filled with the Holy Spirit. Before he did so, he saw her laughing and filled with joy in the Holy Spirit. As soon as he laid his hands on her, she began to speak in new tongues, and she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Ever since that day, she felt the Holy Spirit guiding her and speaking to her, leading her on the path she should follow and filling her with more joy than any human could. She felt grateful that God was looking after her and her family, and she was filled with joy every day.

My dear friend, even today, as you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you will come to know that God Himself is guiding you, answering your prayers, and looking after you. Just like my grandmother received the joy of the Holy Spirit, I pray that you also receive Him right now.


Dear Lord, I am grateful that You are listening to my prayer. Please fill me with the joy of the Holy Spirit every day so that I can recognise that You are talking to me, leading me, and guiding me. Please help me to see Your good work and guidance in my life. Instruct me every day and help me to walk in Your will. Anoint me with Your Holy Spirit so that I can have You in my heart, leading and guiding my every step. Lord, grant me the understanding to recognise that it is You who answers me and takes care of me. Thank You, Lord, for this blessing. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.