Magazine Club

Magazine Club

The Bible says, “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” (Psalm 147:3).

Here is an opportunity to express your thankfulness by sowing in the Jesus Calls Magazine Ministry so that you can touch millions! 

Since its inception in May 1973, Jesus Calls Magazine Ministry has been growing and has completed its 45th year, in May 2018; thus entering a new phase for the glory of God. This magazine contains God’s word shared by the Dhinakarans for men, women and the youth and children, updates on ministerial events, astonishing testimonies and Bible Quiz.

As you know, we are sending the Jesus Calls magazine in 7 different languages to more than 3 lakh families every month. On an average each magazine goes through a minimum of 5 pairs of hands every month. We are working on to extend the reach in two more languages in the coming months. We have set a goal to reach at least 8 to 9 lakh families which will help us to reach a minimum of 45 lakhs of individuals with the word of the Lord every month.

It costs Rs.300/- for one year (12 Issues) and we want to give it to anyone and everyone who needs it. The blessings of getting these souls to Christ will therefore come upon everyone who supports this noble mission.Come! Enroll in the Magazine Club and consider supporting this significant ministry every month.


You may decide to support sending the magazine to any number of families. You may contribute to this every month.
We expect a minimum requirement of Rs. 125 lakhs per month for this expansion.
We need
  • 125 people to contribute ₹ 1 lakh each or 
  • 250 people to contribute ₹ 50,000 each or
  • 500 people to contribute ₹ 25,000 each or
  • 1250 people to contribute ₹ 10,000 each or
  • Any other amount  . . . .  as the Lord leads you.