Television Ministry

Television Club Partner

Jesus Calls launched its first radio program in the year 1972 through FEBA. Now we reach nearly 2 million homes every day through our Television programs in India and around the world through 600 television programs a month, in 10 major languages and in 26 different channels. The cost of production, cost of air time on the channels and expenses for the TV ministry have been always a great challenge and is increasing day by day. A part of the total expenses are met by dear people who sacrificially contribute to the Jesus Calls TV Club every month.

Here is a chance for you to be blessed and be a channel of blessing to millions of people through your sacrificial contribution to the Television Ministry.

  • Every Jesus Calls TV Club Member is presented with a TV club Badge.
  • Special Prayers are offered by the Dhinakarans and by Prayer Warriors in the 24 Hours Prayer Tower, to bring God’s blessings on the Club Members.
  • Special privileges for TV Club members during “Jesus Calls” Prayer Festivals.


My daughter’s marriage was getting delayed despite many efforts. Finally we got an alliance which was to our satisfaction and the wedding was almost fixed. However, at the last moment, it was hindered. We were deeply troubled and worried about our daughter’s future. At this time, one day, while we were watching the Jesus Calls TV Programme, you prayed saying, “Let the obstacles that are seen in marriage settlement be removed and the marriage take place pretty soon”. That prayer was for us. As you prayed, all the obstacles were removed and we got a good alliance for her. We had plenty of needs for the wedding. So we wrote a letter to you. You prayed and sent us a reply stating, “The Lord who calls those things which do not exist as though they did, will help you. Your daughter’s wedding shall be a blessed one just as how the wedding at Cana was. What a wonder! As you had mentioned, our relatives came to our house with financial help, on their own accord and helped us. Our daughter Priyanka’s marriage took place in 2013, in a blessed way, without any single debt, just as the wedding at Cana. Now her married life is blessed. Glory be to God!

 – Jeyanthi Sampath, Chennai

Join the TV Club! Share with us in sharing the Gospel with millions, through media! Kindly contribute to support this cause through your sincere prayers and love offering.