Stella Ramola

Stella Ramola popularly known as Sweety, is the youngest daughter of Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. She has captured the hearts of thousands of people who watch her narrating her stories in TV and in Public Prayer Festivals.

God has bestowed her with a divine gift of singing and her songs bring solace and comfort to the broken hearted and joy & happiness for little children. Her songs are greatly sought by the children of all ages and some of her albums have been a great hit. Her latest releases are Love Lifted Me and Jesus Loves Me are enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages.

Sweety is well known for her adorable voice and her impromptu speech. She expresses her love for God through every opportunity. She enjoys worshipping, leading the people to pour their hearts out to the Lord.
She has never been inactive in ministry from her adolescence. She encourages people to praise God through dancing and singing. She is adored by many people for her consistency in Jesus Calls Ministry. Sweety harmonizes with every type of Ministry that Jesus Calls diversifies
Sweety hosts many worship concerts in a spectacular manner appealing to thousands of youngsters to turn their ways to the Lord. She ministers at par with Sam and Sharon to involve more youngsters in UTurn Ministry.

Sweety anchors a Quiz program on television known as ‘Do know your Bible?’. This program is telecasted With an intent of making the audience dig deep into the Bible and know more about the Word of God. She also takes great effort to take the Word of God through several modes of entertainment.