Sharon Dhinakaran

Sharon is the elder daughter of Dr. Paul and Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran. She started to minister by singing at the age of 2 and today, she prays for people at Public Meetings. Her passion is to travel and capture the stories of people around the world. Her heart is to bring healing and deliverance to people she meets and for God to change their lives through love.

Sharon has finished her Bachelors in Broadcast Communication and completed her Masters in Cinema-Television. She is also the Director of SEESHA, a humanitarian organisation that helps the less privileged, widows and orphans.

Sharon preaches and prays for thousands of people with the matchless power of the Holy Spirit, claiming God’s promises and blessings for them. Sharon is a great inspiration and a leader of the next generation. She also has just released her debut CD album titled “HOME”..

Sharon Dhinakaran is observed to be a revivalist with sympathetic compassion. She not only is active in supporting her parents in ministry but also encompasses to reap more souls through charity and loving kindness.

She is a lover of little children. She visits children who are less privileged and nurtures them with their needs and education. Through this Sis. Sharon takes great pleasure in proclaiming the Word of God to the little children and their families.

Sharon focus to reach out to people adapting herself to be one among them understanding that Charity is a supreme virtue, and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed onto mankind. She impacts several children with her virtue of kindness in providing the needs of theirs and also their families.
Sharon has a great interest in music and also gifted with singing and leading worship. She also carries the word of God, delivering to people of all age groups, through Television, Social Media, and Special Meetings.